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Rent-A-Box has high quality storage units for rent. Short-term storage rentals are what most of our customers need when moving...


We offer the best permanent or temporary storage solution to accommodate your businesses needs in our units, you can operate...


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Waterford storage units - our storage units provide you with the best way to store anything.

Maybe you're renovating, and need somewhere safe for your belongings. Or have you grown out of your home or shed? Do you need storage that is right here in the city? Whatever your needs, Rent-A-Box is the solution for you. We offer facilities for short and long term storage right here in the Six Cross Roads Business Park, Cork Road, Kilcohan Industrial Complex, Ballindud and other satellite sites around Waterford City. The Six Cross Roads being the most popular site located conveniently on the outer ring road which is less than 5 minutes from Watetrford City.

Our storage units are 20ft x 8ft x 8ft.

Need transportation? We can recommend various transportation providers based in Waterford City who can easily collect and bring to your storage unit your belongings.

Rent-A-Box Size Guide

Secure - Commercial or Domestic - Dry - Clean

Choosing the right size storage room can be difficult, so we have created this handy guide of the different storage unit sizes available to help pick the perfect size for your needs.

Self-Storage Unit Size Guide

This unit size has a variety of uses including a larger decluttering project to storing the contents of a 2-bed house. It’s also very popular with businesses who need space for documents, stock or equipment.

This unit size is popular with customers who have a larger home with more items and are moving or renovating, the room can accommodate the contents of a larger 3-bed house or small 4 bed house. It’s also very popular with businesses who need space for documents, stock or equipment.

This unit size is popular with our business customers and small builders who need additional space for documents, stock or equipment, however it is equally popular with customers moving or renovating who have larger 4/5 bed houses.


Temporary Storage When Moving House?

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We offer you clean, dry, secure storage units located at the Six Cross Roads Business Park, Kilcohan and Ballindud in Waterford. We provide you with a lock and key or you can provide your own. You need to make an enquiry first online (or call us) and then we can arrange to meet you.

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Temporary Storage When Moving House?